Reindeer Games


Everyone’s favorite time of the year! The Reindeer Games tournament is our annual 7vs7 Holiday themed tournament.




$100 per player




Boys:12-14 players per team | Girls: 10 player minimum


Games Include: 3 Saturday, 2 Sunday

Rules and Details

  •  2 Attack, 2 Midfielders, 2 Defenders, 1 Goalie
    • *Max 3 Poles on Field
    • *U11 D Poles must be shorter than the player or same height
  •  2-15 Minute Running Halves. 2 Minute Halftime.
  •  Fields are 60 yards by 40 yards. Goals are 40 Yards apart.
  •  No Timeouts.
  •  Face-off to start each half.
  •  After a goal, goalies pull the ball out and start the clear.
  •  5 Goal mercy rule- Free Clear when down 5 goals.
  •  No 1 handed checks for youth.
  •  No aggressive body checks – Players must not hit the ground.
  • For penalties a fast break scenario will occur

Rules and Details

1. Rosters must be submitted online and all players must be registered in order to play.

2. All teams are to supply their own uniforms. Holiday Themed is encouraged.

3. A parent or coach is required for each team on the sidelines.

  • Number for players on the field will be 6 field players and 1 goalie
  • Teams must keep 2 players back behind the midfield line on the defensive end plus the goalie.
  • Games will be 30 minutes in duration, 2 halves of 15 minutes each with running clock and A three-minute halftime.
  • Field dimensions are 60 yards by 40 yards. Goals are 40 yards apart and we will have both the 8-meter arc.
  • In regulation games, if a tie occurs, then it will be an immediate sudden victory overtime continuing from the last halves play without a stop in play.
  • The first and second half of each game will start with a draw. We will use restraining lines and hold the players behind the goal lines until possession has occurred. Only 2 people per team including the centers will be on the draw circle.
  • Due to the high scoring nature of 7v7 lacrosse, there will not be a draw after each goal. To try to provide as much playing time as possible, the goalie will restart play after a goal with a clear on the official’s whistle. The official’s restart whistle will begin the ten second count for the goalie in the goal circle.
  • All substituting players is on the fly during normal play.
  • If a foul occurs in the critical scoring area as time expires, we add 3 seconds to the clock.
  • There are no timeouts allowed. Only time out may come from an official due to an injury.
  • Mercy Rule – 5 goal mercy rule, Free clear when a team is down by 5 or more goals.
  • No Pass rule.

4. Tie breaker situations will be as follows:

  • A. Head to head results will be the first tie-breaker.
  • B. If there is a three- or four-way tie, then goals allowed will the tie-breaker.
  •  C. If goals allowed does not allow for a winner, then we will do average margin of victory.
  • D. If that does not separate the tie, then we will do a coin flip.

5. All teams will play a minimum of 5 games. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Brackets with enough teams will have A + B bracket championships.

6. Any unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches and fans could result in immediate expulsion from the tournament. Tournament Directors have final say.

7. If a player is injured on the field, the clock will not stop. Time will continue to run to stay on schedule.

8. For an alternate possession, the highest seeded team will be awarded the first possession.

Rules and Details

Boys Divisions
U11 • U13 • U15 • HS AA • HS A • HS B

Girls Divisions
U9 • U11 • U13 • U15 • HS A • HS B

Rules and Details

Best Holiday Themed Team Name – 32 team names will be selected and voted on through social media. Winning name will be announced on Championship Sunday via social media.

Best Holiday Themed Team Uniforms – Teams are encouraged to dress up in their best holiday outfit. One youth and one high school team per divisions will be selected. Winners will be announced on social media. (Boys: 1 Youth & 1 High School | Girls: 1 Youth & 1 High School)

All Teams must have a team parent or coach for communication purposes and to be on the sidelines.

Free Agents contact tournament director Alex Haskins for a possible team placement before registering.

Rules and Details

Every year we partner with Toys for Tots and invite participants to donate an unwrapped gift.