Atlanta Storm coaches come to your
practice to train your players and coaches

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Atlanta Storm Coaches will work directly with your team during the offseason or at practice in season. We will run a series of ninety-minute practices with your full squad to help take the program to the next level. Practices can be designed by the Atlanta Storm staff or in conjunction with the Head Coach of the team. Several Atlanta area teams have had tremendous success with this program as a means of preparing for the spring season during a time when their High School coach is not allowed to work with them. Youth programs can take advantage of this program during the spring season or in the offseason.

Atlanta Storm training will focus on the fundamentals and core skills that are necessary for all offensive and defensive systems. We will work on team concepts, individual player development, and lacrosse IQ. Team Training can take place at your host field or location of your choice. Atlanta Storm will provide two coaches per session for the length of your training. Training will consist of 90-minute sessions with 1 or 2 sessions per week.
For more info or set up a training program please email